Sorakaya Appalu – Turn Boring Into Delicious

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Sorakayalu or bottle gourd carry quite a reputation in Andhra households. If you have seen faces turn sulky after hearing the menu containing sorakaya, it is but a normal reaction. Bottle gourd is mostly considered absolutely boring and tasteless, no matter how many efforts are made to tang or spice up any of its preparations. Sorakaya Papppu, Sorakaya Koora.. and you go Yuckk!!

So here is an absolutely delightful way of enjoying the infamous bottle gourd as a snack. Yes, categorize the boring veggie into tiffin section and bingo, we have Sorakaya Appalu.

Sorakaya or the bottle gourd has great nutritional properties and is said to be an amazing coolant. Let us see how we can turn this vegetable quite interesting.

Sorakaya Appalu


1 Small Bottle Gourd – Grated

1/2 cup rice flour

4 tsp Sesame Seeds (Nuvvulu)

3 tsp Chana Dal (Senaga Pappu)

3 Tsp Groundnuts

Green Paste Items

6 Green Chillies

3 Garlic Cloves

Coriander Leaves

Curry Leaves

Green Spring Onions

(Grind them all together to make a green paste)

Salt to Taste

Oil to Fry


Add the rice flour, grated bottle gourd, sesame seeds, green paste, raw peanuts and blend them well. Do NOT add water as the water in the sorakaya is enough for the purpose. Make small balls out of this mixture and press like little Puris. Fry in oil till they turn golden brown.

Serve Hot as Evening Snack.

You can make upto 20 Appalu or Chekkkalu as they are called and store them in an air tight container for upto 15 days.

Bottle Gourd Nutritional Facts

Potassium – 150 mg

Sodium – 2 mg

Carbohydrates – 3.4 g

Dietary Fiber – 0.5 g

Protein – 0.6 g

Vitamin C – 16%

Calcium – 2%

Iron – 1%

Magnesium – 2%




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