Six Life Saving Benefits of Watermelon

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Summer is already here and it is time to indulge in some nourishing diet this season. Which fruit for you is best for summer? Well, I say it is watermelon. And with the season draining out life from our bodies, watermelon is the best resort to gain all the energy back. These elliptical, fresh, succulent and juicy melons in summer time add a portmanteau of minerals and vitamins to our bodies.

With every bite of a watermelon, you are taking in significant supplements such as vitamins A, B6 and C, lots of lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids. Amongst all these nutrients, lycopene is a phytonutrient which has been a good source for a healthy heart, maintaining bone health and diminishing chances of prostate cancer.

Watermelon has 92% of water content which naturally makes it a super low-fat fruit. For the people who are diet conscious, consuming this fruit is a boon in disguise.

Six Life Saving Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelons in your everyday diet will reap benefits such as improving your cardiovascular health to nourishing your eyes and making you look healthy and fresh. And make sure that every watermelon that you eat is fully ripened to relish the utmost benefits of its treasures.

  1. The good health of the heart

The high lycopene content in watermelon is very effective when it comes to protecting human cells from any kind of damage. This helps in lowering the possibilities of a heart disease. Watermelon is concentrated with citrulline and arginine which are equally good for the heart. The ingestion of arginine helps in improving the blood flow and also helps in reducing the accumulated cellulite fat. Not just that, a research in the American Journal states that watermelon extracts help in reducing hypertension and also lower the blood pressure.

  1. Anti-inflammatory extracts

Looks like ‘lycopene’ has a multi-faceted role to play amongst all the other advantages in watermelon as it is also a great inhibitor for various inflammatory issues and acts as an antioxidant. Watermelon also contains a compound known as choline that keeps any kind of chronic inflammation at bay. People suffering from arthritis need to get rid of any kind of inflammation at the earliest. But how exactly is this inflammation caused? People when sick often tend to have cellular damage. It may be due to stress, smoking or pollution, which is how an inflammation is caused. This kind is particularly known as systemic inflammation. Apart from such extracts any kind of anti-inflammatory edibles can help you reduce inflammation.


  1. A cool source of water


With 92% of water content, it can be easily determined what effective source of water a watermelon can be. Apart from all the health contained benefits that water has, it simply keeps you hydrated which is an utmost need during the summer. The juices of watermelon are full of electrolytes which are good for preventing one from heat stroke.


  1. Skin, Hair and Digestion benefits


This one is good news for all the watermelon lovers! The fibre present in the fruit can help you maintain a good digestive tract. The presence of Vitamin A is a heavenly addition to your daily diet nourishing your skin and also taking care of your eyes. It helps in keeping the hair and skin moisturised and helps in the growth of new collagen and elastic cells. So the ones who don’t really are fans of watermelon must bring it slowly into practice this summer!


Apart from the ‘A’, Vitamin B is found in excess too. It helps in improving our immune system by maintaining the redox integrity which thereby protects any kind of internal oxygen reactions.


  1. Helps you fight muscle soreness

 Are you an athlete or a gym freak? Many of you might suffer from muscle soreness after excessive workout or a run. A glass full of watermelon juice will reduce all that muscle stress and balance your heart rate too.


  1. A fighter for cancer

We all know that most of the fruits and vegetables have anti-oxidant extracts that help the human body to the reduce risk of any kind of cancer.


The goodness of munching into a watermelon is right here in front of you to read and implement. Just make sure it is not in excess, as anything in excess is just being greedy.



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