Scary Facts About What Smartphone Addiction Does To Your Life

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Are you one of the millions who are addicted to your smartphone? Congratulations and may God save you. For the new age hook up with happening smartphones cause potential harm to your life, say experts.

The quality of life had significantly gone down with the arrival of all-synced-in phones in the present decade. Constantly glued to those Facebook updates and Whatsapp pings, researchers in US say that such a practice leads to some adverse effects on the lives of people.

Addiction to Smartphone Have The Following Effects On Your Life

– Loss of quality life with loved ones

– Inability to focus on what is happening around.

– Chronic ailments like headaches, memory loss and constant disorientation

– Psychological issues like addiction disorder, attention problems with social media, depression

– Excessive exposure to bright light and high end games that causes visual impairment

These and many more, health experts advise that smartphone users should try and lead a balanced life. This includes throwing away your phone at home and going fishing. Getting back to being normal will involve many sacrifices, like bidding good bye to Facebook like a vacation.



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