Red Wine Good For Heart In Diabetes 2 Patients

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If you ever thought was drinking red wine was ‘sort of’ healthy, there’s more news. As per the latest research conducted, red wine seems to work wonders for health in many ways.

As per the latest findings, red wine can actually help with retaining heart health, especially in the patients who are type 2 diabetic.  All this of course with moderate consumption and not going overboard.

There have been recent findings that moderate drinking is capable of improving one’s heart health. This proved effective for people with diabetes  as they are two to four times more likely to have an eventual heart disease.

Results of the new study

Having a daily glass of red wine modestly improved some measures of heart health in the subjects exposed to the study.

A study including only men and women between the ages of 40 and 75 with stable, type 2 diabetes was carried out. It was inferred that they didn’t need more than two insulin injections a day or be on a constant insulin pump watch. People excluded were those who smoked or had a history of heart attack, stroke, or a recent major surgery.

The scientists randomly assigned 224 people to drink a glass of red or white wine or water with dinner every day continuously for 2 years. The outcomes of this study had been fascinating, signifying the direct benefits of red wine when chosen as the select poison.

Source – WebMD, UK



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