Nivi – Modern Sari Drape That Originated From Andhra Pradesh

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Indian Saris are known for their unique sense of elegance. The world over goes Ga Ga over Indian Saris. And the modern style of Sari draping? Everybody loves to try that out after buying a sari and gaining expertise walking in the same.

But how many of you know that the modern style of Sari draping actually originated from the state of Andhra Pradesh?

Nivi style of Sari draping, which is also a modern style of draping a sari was first inspired from the lanes of Andhra. In the age old era when women draped Saris in Nauvari or Mysore style, great change was felt with the then fashion sense.

Nivi Style – From Andhra Pradesh To The World

The time of British saw women of Royalty in Indian families emerge out with their own sense of styling and fashion. There was a lurch where the ladies wanted evolution with the way Saris were worn. Enter the Nivi Style, direct from Andhra!!

A typical Nivi drape starts with one end of the Sari tucked into a waistline of the pettycoat and then wrapped around with the mid even pleats below the navel. These pleats are once again tucked into the waistline of the pettycoat and the final Pallu is wrapped on the upper part of the body.

Over the years, this style of Sari draping was practiced and improvised with different materials, styles and designs.

Here is to Andhra Pradesh for setting one of the most important fashion statements of India – Sari!!

Image – Women in Sarees By Usha Shantharam



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