New Risk of Adding Mobile Number To Your Gmail

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Technology is the foundation of one’s existence in today’s world. However, the same is also a massive mechanism of identity destruction and theft, if we are not too careful. Recent declaration of an ex Google and Twitter engineer about Gmail proves that.

Those of you who have thought providing mobile number on Gmail is safe, this information will come as a sheer surprise. Google, which maintains a robust platform for users with verification procedures, is also a subject of vulnerability if not complied in full.

Says Vijay Pandurangan, who was once a part of Google tech team. He recently wrote on a popular blogging site called Medium that one of his old colleague had to face the wrath of hackers, because he gave out his phone number on Gmail.

Vijay also explained the reason for the security compromise. he explained that his colleague had to fall prey to the hackers because he did not complete the multi step authentication, as Google often directs. Vijay requests the users on his blog to activate two factor authentication process, and also use apps like Duo or Google Authenticator to beef up the cyber security.

This incident is a lesson for some of us who feel super lazy to complete full authentication set up on Gmail and keep clicking ‘skip’. Time to protect our identity, information and staying alert.

Source – HuffPost, UK



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