New Revolution in Lung Cancer Cure is Here!!

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Chemotherapy may soon be history for the lung cancer sufferers. The recent findings from a study prove that chemotherapy is all the more likely to become extinct soon – with the advent of immunotherapy.

Keytruda, a new drug has now been approved by the FDA. The targeted drug is now being looked at as a first line treatment for the patients who have higher concentration of PD-L1 protein on their cancer cells. This drug is also being looked up as a better alternative to chemo and is the first approved immunotherapy by FDA.

The study says that targeted medications will have better impact on the cancer cells as compared to the chemo. There are growing number of oncologists who are now opting for immunotherapy to treat their patients.

Lung cancer as such is a fast spreading disease across Asia and United States. The worst part about lung cancer is that diagnosis is mostly arrived at during the advanced stages of the disease, because of the symptoms.

Immunotherapy as an alternative is not just being looked up for lung cancer alone. There are several cases in the United States alone, where the oncologists are resorting to targeted medication for other kinds of cancers.



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