This New Drug May Actually CURE Migraines!!

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Those who have been long suffering with migraines have some good news.

Those who have been long suffering with migraines have some good news. FDA is presently testing a new drug that seems like a possible solution to curing migraine.

Erenumab, a new breakthrough drug is a part of new class of medication which shows neutralizing the chemical activity that triggers migraine headache. This drug is now in the trial and testing phase and will be submitted for approval early next year based on viable results.

Migraine headache is easily one of the most crippling lifestyle ailment of the present times. Almost 36 million American citizens are said to suffer with debilitating migraines, and 60 percent of Indian population experiences the same pain.

So far, there is no prominent and effective sure for migraine. Most patients are prescribed medications that are used to treat other conditions such as anxiety and depression. Such alternatives have not been of great benefit for migraine sufferers, and instead yield other disastrous side effects.

Erenumab has shown commendable results so far, with the conclusion of second study. Patients who were injected with Erenumab once in a month every six months have experienced migraine for over eight days a month on an average. Erenumab has shown few side effects too, such as respiratory tract infection and sinusitis.

This new drug is predicted to be expensive once approved.



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