Music Lovers, You Have to Wait For Those iPhone 7 Headphones

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Despite the joke that has been prevailing about the latest version of iPhone missing a vital component like headphone jack, the loyal base of users everywhere are eagerly waiting. Recently, Apple Inc. had announced that they would be launching exclusive AirPods, wireless headphones that will substitute for the missing jack in iPhone 7. This came as great news, especially for the music lovers who are pertinently glued on to the iTunes.

However, the specially made headphones that were produced in September already are yet to be launched in the market. This delay has dampened the spirits of the users. Company representatives have a valid reason to explain behind the delaying of the launch. Apple team says that they need a little more time to test and confirm if the newly manufactured AirPods are indeed ready for the end customers.

Even though Apple Inc. has not yet confirmed the new launch date or confirmed any technical glitches to be the reason, the iPhone addicts all over the world hope to get their hands on the AirPods as soon as they can. Pre production reviews have been circulating in the market, saying that these AirPods needed slight enhancing. Interestingly, AirPods are the first wireless launch from the world leader of phones and laptops.

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