Metallic Makeup – Get the LOOK!!

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Metallic makeup is clearly the new craze in beauty these days. Be it national or international fashion, women want to embrace the look that leaves a dazzling effect.

However, wearing metallic makeup is more of an art that comes with practice. The finesse actually lies in doing it right and not over doing it. Lot of women end up wearing this makeup in a wrong manner because of the lack of exposure. Few simple tips which when kept in mind will make this look come on to the face perfectly well.

The right way to wear a metallic makeup

eyes Metallic Makeup - Get the LOOK!!


Add light hints – metallic makeup is not throwing tons on shimmer on your face. Keep the makeup light with a highlighter that has just a hint of sheen. Use your finger tip to dab the product softly into the skin after the base is ready.

Highlight Vital points on the face – your eyes and lip should accentuate more metal than the rest of the face. Use perfect strokes while applying the metallic eye shadow. Dust the eye lid with a neutral color or metallic shimmer. The add a darker shade at the crease of the eye lid. Apply the eye shadow sparingly and use more of a primer. If the shade is stretching to the brow bone, blend in artistically.

Note – Do not use eyeliner with a metallic shade. Your eyes will look fantastic with a simple mascara finish. 

lips Metallic Makeup - Get the LOOK!!

Concentrate on lips – Important; do not overdo with a lip liner. Use a shimmery lip gloss and couple up with a matching lipstick.

Keep it subtle on cheeks – Make sure you put minimal metal shade on your cheekbones. Bring out the power of your eyes in this look.

Go on, flaunt this amazing look!!



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