KostaLife Summer Recipes – Strawberry Coconut Daiquiri

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Imagine a cool coconut daiquiri passing down your throat in the scorching summer. Also, imagine the sweet dash of strawberry following the lead. The feeling is both ecstatic and refreshing, right?

Summer specials mostly have drinks across all the households of Andhra. Let us help you give an upmarket twist to the list. This cool Strawberry Coconut Daiquiri punches in freshness as well as nutrition.

Try this simplest recipe of Strawberry Coconut Daiquiri today. The kids are going to love it!

straw KostaLife Summer Recipes – Strawberry Coconut Daiquiri

Strawberry Coconut Daiquiri Recipe


Fresh strawberries (chopped) – 2 and half cups

Sugar – 3 Tsp

Fresh lime juice – 2 tsp

Ice cubes – 3 cups

Coconut flavored syrup or coconut water – ¾ cup. Those who prefer rum can use the standard coconut flavored rum that is available in the market. Just make sure you do not give that away to the children.


Add strawberries, sugar and lime juice. Toss and mix well.

Put them all in a blender and grind till smooth

Now add the ice cubes and blend one more time until froth comes up

Pour the mixture in a pitcher and serve

Strawberry Coconut Daiquiri is an excellent addition to the summer house parties. Also, it can be prepared randomly whenever sun beats the hell out of us. Go on, try the Strawberry Coconut Daiquiri at home and let us know.

Strawberry Coconut Daiquiri – Nutritional Facts

Servings PER Recipe: 5

Energy 112 cal

Sodium    3 mg

Carbs    12 g

Fiber       1 g






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