Know Your Cancer Symptoms, Use CAUTION

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Cancer is never a great news for anyone. Most times, individuals suffering with cancer receive the news all out of nowhere. There is more anxiety and shock added to the ailing condition when one checks out the news very late. Doctors and experts often advice people to keep track and stay alert. For people with a family history of cancers, the panic button is always switched on. This is definitely not a pleasant way to glide through life, as one is always walking on the egg shells.

There is still no confirmed cure for cancer. But early detection and diagnosis can make a sea difference with how the patient responds to the treatment. Most times, people who have detected the disease early had the chance to undergo treatment on time. Their life expectancy is definitely better than  those who are too late with diagnosis and prognosis.

During the onset of the disease, cancer displays no remarkable symptoms. But once malignant tumors grow in size, symptoms will automatically start ringing. Some of these symptoms are the most neglected ones, unfortunately. Your body will let you know, and all you need to do is pay active attention.

Here are seven important signs and symptoms of cancer that is growing within. The earlier you spot the symptoms, the faster it would be to act on it and access treatment.

Think of the word, CAUTION


Change in the movement of bowels or bladder


Sore condition that keeps coming back or does not heal


Unusually spotted discharge or bleeding from the reproductive parts


Thickening lumps in breasts, testicles and other parts of the body


Indigestion that gets constant and leads to difficulty in swallowing


Obviously predominant change in size of a mole, wart or even a mouth sore


Nagging cough, cold and hoarseness

When to seek instant medical advice

First, as soon as you spot anything in the CAUTION. These may or may not mean cancer, but red flags should be raised if they persist or recur for more than two to three weeks. You should have a medical examination. If the underlying cause of your symptoms is cancer, an early diagnosis and treatment will defoffer a better chance of being cured.

Source – WebMD, UK



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