Hi Speed Wi-Fi Increases Chronic Headaches

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This is true. If you are a chronic migraine sufferer, Wi-Fi is going to increase the frequency of your headaches. The fact that was earlier written off as a sheer myth only proved to be real, after a famous School of Medicine from United States published the results in the recent times.

As per the research and study conducted by the Johns Hopkins School, unlimited hi speed Wi Fi frequency increases the episodes of migraine headaches and triggers daily chronic headaches.

4-Wifi Hi Speed Wi-Fi Increases Chronic Headaches

Wi-Fi has become an indispensable resource of our everyday lives. We practically cannot run things smoothly at work without a hi speed Wi-Fi connection in place. Even though we are super dependent on technology to get things done, the medical experts all over the world suggest few plausible solutions to tackle the usage of daily Wi-Fi and manage health.

Among the headaches, Migraines are considered to be the worst kind. It becomes all the more necessary for a chronic migraine sufferer to manage lifestyle, and Wi-Fi is a crucial cause.

5 Hi Speed Wi-Fi Increases Chronic Headaches

This is how Wi-Fi radiation appears to a naked eye

Doctors suggest the following measures while limiting the usage of hi speed Wi-Fi and managing life, especially headaches.

– Turn off the Wi-Fi after your work is done or during the night
– Optimal use of Wi-Fi while doing work can reduce the impact
– Frequent breaks for relaxation (continuous staring at the monitor while using a hi speed Wi-Fi often increases headaches
– Healthy food and sleep pattern
– Balanced dependency on Wi-Fi (try not to get too addicted to the internet)
– Physical activity that tones the body and relaxes mind.

While hi speed Wi-Fi s are a much needed source to complete daily works, controlling the usage with your own routine can help get rid of those nasty headaches.



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