Godhuma Rava Payasam – A Quick Recipe For Husbands During Aashadam

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Godhuma Rava Payasam or broken Wheat Payasam is an amazing choice for Prasadam or dessert, that can be made in minutes. Rich in nutrients and healthy, Godhuma Rava Payasam is also delightfully yummy.

With Aashada Masam just around the corner, the abandoned newly wed husbands can quickly whip up some Payasam on their own. No special skills required.

Here is a quick recipe for you to get sinfully indulged.


Broken Wheat or Godhuma Rava – 1/2 Cup

Jaggery (better choice than sugar) – 1/4 Cup

Cardamom Powder – 1/2 Teaspoon

Thin coconut milk – 1/2 Cup

Ghee – 1 spoon

Cashews – 10


  1. Heat the pan and dry roast broken wheat till you get a nice aroma. The broken wheat changes slightly red in color. Take the roasted broken wheat in a vessel and add 4 cups of water and pressure cook it, allowing 2 whistles.
  2. Switch off the pressure cooker after 2 whistles and allow the steam to be released completely. Open the lid and take out the cooked broken wheat and keep it ready. In a pan, add ghee and roast the cashews till they turn golden brown color. Put them aside.
  3. Cook the boiled Godhuma Rava mixing jaggery on a slow flame.
  4. Add the thin coconut milk slowly while stirring. Boil for 5 minutes.

Let the Payasam cool down a bit. Garnish with cashews and serve.

Telugu Ashada Masam 2015 begins from July 17th and ends on August 14th



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