Five Skin Care Tips for Kosta Women This Monsoon

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The beautiful monsoon is here – romance will clearly be in the air in most parts of coastal Andhra. For women, monsoon is never a real relief when it comes to skin management. Skin care is extremely important during summers, but the same cannot be neglected as soon as it starts raining. Monsoons demand equal looking after for your skin, trying to adapt to the seasonal changes.

During monsoons, most parts of the state will be humid – but there will a pleasant breeze too, particularly in the evenings. It is important to take extra care of your skin this season, as the oily skin tends to become more oily, and dry skin more dry.

Moisture is important, but not in excess

It is recommended that you moisturise your skin during the bed time regimen as you always do – pick moisturizers that leave a matte like effect. Do not indulge in oily creams and lotions, as they will only cause more skin problems like acne and pimples.

Use Natural Toners

It is advisable to stay away from toners that have alcohol content. Use organic or Ayurveda brands that carry a decent reputation in the market. We also advise cleaning your face with glycerine and rose water – the after effects are more magical than what is derived from the usual chemical based solutions.

Have an Oily Skin? Wash Your Face Frequently.

Women who have oily skin should ensure that they wash their face at least 3 to 4 times every day. Make sure to use face wash that is mild and not loaded with chemical compositions. It would be ideal to look at face washes in organic and herbal segment.

Facial Scrubs – Do’s and Don’ts

Using facial scrub is necessary, but excessive scrubbing can cause a reverse effect on your skin. Use the scrub lightly and not very frequently. Use face scrubs that have mild compositions and are easy on your skin. Women with sensitive skin need to take extra care.

Face Packs for Monsoon

You can use your favorite face pack, but make sure that whatever is being used does not suck the moisture off completely. Use face packs that have fruit, fuller’s earth and sandalwood. Avoid excessive drying if you are applying fuller’s earth (Multani Mitti). Try and use combinations like papaya, orange and cucumber. Women with oily skin should use face packs that balance the moisture of the skin.

Make Up

When it comes to monsoon weather, maintaining a light make up is a very good idea. Go easy on heavy foundations and bold colors. Use a light compact powder that leaves a lasting glow on your face. Stick to nude and light shade lipsticks that match up with good eye makeup. Do not go heavy on eye makeup either. Understand the mood and timing and go with the flow.

Apart from the above, the most important thing to do for a healthy skin during monsoons is to drink lot of water, stay hydrated, avoid oily food and eat right. You are sorted!




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