Five Amazing Facts about Pootharekulu

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If you are from Andhra, you will inevitably love this sweet as part of your rich culture. And if you are from elsewhere, you will be constantly drooling over its super fine sugary taste and begging your Andhra friend to get more in the next trip. They simply melt in your mouth.

Such is the magic of Pootharekulu, also known as paper sweets that have a unique flavour and richness about themselves.

Here are five amazing facts about Pootharekulu that you must know, particularly if you are huge fan.

The Name Means ‘Coated Sheet’

As intriguing as the dish that it is, Pootharekulu literally means coated sheets of sugar preparation. The main ingredient in the dish is the powdered sugar, even though there is another version of the sweet made with jaggery as an option. Pootharekulu are made by making thin wrappers prepared from rice flour, pure ghee and lots of powdered sugar.

rekulu3 Five Amazing Facts about Pootharekulu

Hail From East Godavari

Pootharekulu claim their origin from Atreyapuram of the East Godavari district in Andhra. The legacy is timeless, and the region continues to proudly boast of this sweet and sugary lineage. Every year, tonnes of Pootharekulu are also exported to other countries, made from the modest kitchens of this place. Another popular preparation that comes out of this region is the famous Maamidi Thandra or Mango Jelly.

Sweet Indulgence That Buyers Really Don’t Mind

Originally from coastal Andhra, the subtly crunchy and delicious sweet is universally reckoned for its addictive taste. Loaded with plenty of calories, people really don’t mind a splurge when it comes to this amazing sweet preparation from AP.

One of the Largest Cottage Industries

Yes, Pootharekulu come into the elite list of the largest cottage industries in India. The business of making and selling Pootharekulu has been existent for over three generations. The best part is that the sweet is procured at a very low price and then exported for a deserving high price, supporting many livelihoods.

rekulu Five Amazing Facts about Pootharekulu

A woman busy preparing the sugary wrappers

400 Wrappers Every Day

Women in each house of Atreyapuram prepares almost 400 wrappers of the sweet every single day and sells them to the retailers at the price of Rs 20 per 100 wrappers. Pootharekulu are also a sustainable source of income for the women belonging to the SHGs (Self Help Groups).
A sweet that comes with an equally sweeter outcome for those who live on making it. Here’s one for road.



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