Five Amazing Facts about Andhra Cuisine

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There is nothing close in comparison when it comes to the delicious taste of Andhra cuisine. Just like some of the famous cuisines from Indian culture, Andhra boasts of its own unique identity. Roof top spice takes predominance, while tang adds to the flavors. Contrary to how people generalize Andhra food along with the rest of the South Indian recipes, there are some striking differences.

Here are five amazing facts about Andhra cuisine that make it a cut apart by all means:

Coastal Andhra Cuisine, Way Different From Rayalaseema

Typically, Andhra food variates based on two of its main regions; coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema. There are typical differences between the kinds of foods that are prepared in both the entities. While rice and fish take core positioning in the coastal parts, Seema region goes simply bonkers over Ragi. Coastal is all about that trademark spicy touch. This is also because this region is one of the largest producers of red chillies. Rayalaseema on the other hand, dabbles with a mixed cuisine derived from its neighbours, Tamil Nadu and southern Karnataka. Seema’s main course is usually rice or Ragi Sankati, served along with Pulusu.

sankati Five Amazing Facts about Andhra Cuisine

Uttarandhra Casts Its Own tasteful Charm

The whole world could be on one side, and Northern Andhra on the other. Covering the north eastern districts of Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam, Uttarandhra is all about constant innovation in food. Lentils in the jiggery, called Bellam Pappu is quite famous from this region. They go bonkers over preparations that comprise of gravies of veggies in fenugreek seed paste, famously called Menthipettina kura. They also use a lot of union paste that is sautéed or fried before adding meat and vegetables.

Nellore, a Stand out Food King

Andhra’s Nellore region does not compromise on taste buds. Cuisines from here talk about rich indulgence. Two of the classic examples include the noted dish, Ulava Charu, made from horse gram and Bommidaila Pulusu, a popular fish stew.

iguru Five Amazing Facts about Andhra Cuisine

Cultural Factors Are the Prime Determinants

The steep variation in Andhra cuisine is largely attributed to the cultural diversities that have been coming down from the generations, and the communities that reside here. Eating habits fluctuate based on even the castes, such as Brahmins and non-Brahmins. Communities also play a vital role here. For example, the coveted Raju community from Vizianagaram is reckoned for whipping up calorie rich, royal feasts.

pesarattu Five Amazing Facts about Andhra Cuisine

Andhra Breakfasts Play Their Own Monopoly

Pesarattu, Minapattu, Upma and Rava Dosa – Andhra breakfast occupies a major chunk of the food and dining space in the country and outside. Tiffins from Andhra is a million dollar market alone, serving the food lovers all over the world. Bengaluru as a metro in singularity has most number of Andhra restaurants feeding the native foodies who have settled there.




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