Early Diagnosis of Dementia Can Lead to Effective Cure

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Dementia is fast becoming a growing concern across the world. People over 65 years of age are the prime subjects who are exposed to the vulnerability of falling prey to the disease. Most times, these individuals fail to tap in the crucial symptoms the disease presents early on. The delay in failing to report the signs to doctor makes it all the more difficult to deal with the disease in its primary stages.

Just like cancer, catching the possibility of dementia right at the onset calls in for a faster diagnosis and prognosis. One of the most important sign that is universally known is memory loss. People often mistake the warning sign of fading memory to be a resultant of piling stress. Alarms should go off as soon as the memory loss shows a constant let down. It is time to consult a doctor and rule out the possibility of dementia.

Let us first understand what dementia is.

Dementia is actually a collective syndrome that reflects the progressive decline of cognitive functioning. The failure of brain to carry out its regular activities like before shows out in the form of collective symptoms. Dementia is a clear indicator that brain is declining gradually.

Most common signs and symptoms of dementia:

Here are the most occurring symptoms of an oncoming dementia that are neglected by individuals due to lack of awareness:

Memory Loss

Rate of thinking (dull observing and grasping skills)

Failing mental alertness and agility

Disrupted speech and language

Slow understanding of things

Poor judgment that is clouded with confused mind state

Trouble controlling emotions (extreme and sudden outbursts)

Once dementia sets in fully, the following things occur:

Sudden emotional eruptions

Hallucinating people and things

Lack of empathy and compassion (the person does not have it anymore to absorb subtle emotions)

Too much or total dependency on others for everyday things and plans

Increasing depression

Episodes of mental confusion and mania

Difficulty finding right words while speaking to others

Dementia calls in for complete cognitive breakdown in its advanced stage. It is important to tap the warning signs early and fetch medical help. Sometimes, dementia progresses with time along with other mental conditions, such as Alzheimer’s. It is important to take action at the earliest possible time to negate the severe consequences of the disease.



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