Create Smokey Eyes This Summer Using Your Kajal Pencil!!

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Every woman loves flaunting mysterious, charming smokey eyes. Summer also means more night get togethers, clubbing and partying. In such scenarios, sporting instant smokey eyes would be perceived as tad difficult. But what if we told you that you can create your own sexy smokey eyes using just your Kajal pencil? We mean no eye shadow or makeup tricks. Surprised? Yes, this is totally possible.

Smokey eyes create splendid effect. No matter what the occasion, the smokey eye look coupled with stylish outfit and minimal accessories is always an instant hit. Make sure you go easy on the lips too, because overdone eyes do not go well with dark lipsticks.

You can now create stunning smokey eye look with the mere use of your Kajal pencil. Irrespective of the brand you are using, Kajal comes handy to create the look. This, with some brush strokes included, of course.

Try out the smokey eye look using Kajal pencil as seen in this video. You will never want to go back to the long hours of eye makeup, ever!

So, are you ready for some ‘Do It Simple’ smokey eyes??



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