Best Monsoon Outfits For Kosta Women

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After having the borne the wrath of sun for so long, the heaven has shown some mercy. The sky has opened and is showering the earth with eternal bliss. Rains have brought in a welcome relief from the heat and humidity for AP. However, this also means puddles everywhere, meaning you could end up with mud stains and wet clothes whenever you venture out.

What you need to do is choose the right outfits that would help you wade through the endless puddles without worrying about dirty and damp clothes. Wondering how to pick these? Well, here is a monsoon outfit guide to help you out.

Best Outfits to Wear in Rains

Knee Length Skirts

There is no doubt that long flowing skirts look elegant and classy. But they are just not right for the monsoons. You don’t want your skirt sifting through every puddle that you cross. So, if you are a skirt lover, pick knee length skirts and pair these with beautiful tops. In case, you are thinking of wearing a long skirt, go for one with pencil cut.

Capri Pants

Capri pants are perfect during monsoons as they fall just below the knee and thus are most likely to stay dry. Team these up with attractive tops or elegant t-shirts to get that perfect look. A suspender added to the Capri pant would definitely add a dash of chic to your monsoon look.

Knee Length Dresses

If you love wearing frocks and dresses, it would be a good idea to opt for knee length dresses. You can throw in a stylish leather belt to complete the look. Match this with some comfortable shoes and you are all set to walk out in the rain.

Kurtis and Knee Length Palazzos

In case, you want to go all ethnic, it would be a good idea to pick short kurtis and pair these with matching knee length palazzos. A pair of matching earring and sandals would complete the look for you.

Picking the Right Fabric and Shades

Since, during monsoons there are chances that your clothes may get wet and dirty, you need to pick fabrics that would dry quickly and do not get stained. Thus clothes made of cotton, lycra, nylon etc are a perfect choice for the rainy season.

Outfits in darker shades are the best bet during monsoons as they do not stain from mud. If you wear light colored outfits in the rains, you would end up with mud stains on your clothes.

Wearing the Right Footwear

Footwear plays an equally crucial role when it comes to completing your outfit. During monsoons, you need to choose comfortable and durable footwear. Gumboots or tall boots made from rubber are perfect to be worn with knee length outfits. These help in keeping your feet clean and dry. You can also opt for rubber or plastic flip flops and sandals which would look good with both ethnic as well as modern clothes.

Enjoy the rains this monsoon with complete gusto by choosing the right outfits. With this guide in tow, it is definitely easier now.



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