Benefits and Recipe of Sugandhi Water or Nannari Sarbath

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All the people out there, summer is officially here and it is time to indulge into some cool drinks and sarbaths. If you are a resident of Andhra Pradesh (so are we), embrace yourselves to face the tremendous heat and humidity levels. However, not even this sweltering heat can stop us from relishing the seasonal fruits and the amazing food around.

Sarbath – A Natural Cooler

As the temperature in the country soars as high as 48-50 degrees, it is necessary to consume a lot of fluids. The best way of consuming fluids is having Sarbaths. They are not only great replacement of water but also your best companion in terms of health.

One of these fascinating and amazing drinks that we have found is the Nannari Sarbath, also known as the Sugandhi Drink.

About Nannari Sarbath

Nannari Sarbath is prepared using Nannari or Sarsaparilla roots syrup along with Maredu syrup (bael fruit). The drink is a natural coolant and can help you easily glide through the scorching heat. In the coastal region of Andhra, Sarsaparilla is also known as Sugandhi which in the Tail Nadu and Kerala region, it goes by the name Nannari. This herb used to make this drink comprises of excellent medicinal diuretic properties, keeps the mind calm and cool, helps in prevention of sun stroke and also purifies blood. Both ways we know that in the southern region ask for this drink and you will find it everywhere.

Instant Recipe

Here is a quick recipe for the ones who would love to make it at home this summer!

  • Take some Sarsaparilla roots as per your requirement and wash them carefully.
  • Pound the same to get rid of the central portion or the white pith and sun-dry the outer skin for a day.
  • The roots must be soaked overnight.
  • Next day, boil the roots with the water it was soaked in till the water reduces by half of its actual quantity.
  • Turn of the flame and drain the mixture to further boil it with sugar until the mixture turns into a thick honey like texture.
  • Set it aside to cool.
  • This is your Nannari syrup.
  • This syrup slightly thickens after cooling down. If you do not wish to add chunks of sugar, simply preserve the liquid without sugar for 2-3 weeks. Later, to sweeten your sarbath, you can add jaggery or dates syrup too.

For final preparation:

  • Pick a tall glass according to the temperature outside!
  • Add three tablespoons of the syrup we just made.
  • Add 1.5 tablespoons of lemon juice and add chilled water to the brim.
  • Add ice as you desire and serve.

Amazing health benefits

Apart from being the perfect body coolant during summers Nannari has a few more important health benefits.

  • It is known to be a magnificent home remedy for urinary infection.
  • Consuming a glass of Nannari sarbath also effectively resolves the problem of constipation and relieves one from any sort of body pain.
  • If you have digestion related troubles, instead of popping in unnecessary pills just have a couple glasses of this sarbath in a day and you will be sorted for any kind of stomach related problems.

Stay cool and healthy this summer with all the popular drinks that Andhra has and of course the Nannari Sarbath.



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