Beauty Hacks for Summer-Monsoon Climate Change

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This is the time for the climate shift to happen. And we ladies know how badly that impacts our beauty arrangements. Starting from the creams to makeups, the sight summery monsoon period is all about confusion. We are constantly battling as to what to wear, shades to pick and products to use.

Typically, the climate during the summer monsoon progression in between May and June in India is fluctuating. There will be terrible days of heat, days of uncomfortable humidity and then there are days of extreme rains. We have to switch back and forth with what we are using during this time frame, especially while stepping out for work or getting some errands done.

It would be useful to keep the makeup part ‘subtle yet effective’ this time of the year. Mind you, the UV rays are here to stay, so plan your regimen accordingly.

Here are five beauty hacks for summer monsoon climate change, especially in the coastal areas of Andhra.

Continue the Sunscreen Use

Summer is going away, but that does not mean that you have to completely stop using the sunscreen. The harmful ultra violet rays will continue to be there. Keep using your sun block. In fact, experts say that it is always good to use sunscreen throughout the year, especially before stepping out into the sun.

Do a Regular Night Clean Up

Irrespective of the oncoming laziness, make sure your cleanse, tone and moisture every night. Humidity will make your skin pores clogged. A daily ritual of clean up is extremely necessary to fight those black and white heads.

Switch to Mattes in Lipsticks

Mattes would look great in the rainy days. Gloss is such a passe, when you can opt for a more progressive look in this time frame. Opt for more matte shades and textures when it comes to lipsticks.

Keep the Eye Makeup Subtle

Better. Unless you want to get drenched and let that mascara surround your eyes. Water proof eye make up is suggested, but make sure you do not go too heavy.

Use Oil Free Moisturizers

Pick your moisturizers with extreme care during this time frame. Oily face gets more oily, thanks to the terrible mix of heat and rain. Choose the moisturizers that leave a matte and oil free finish.

Go Easy on Accessories

In the midst of clog, dirt and moisture, you would be really better off with minimal accessories. Keep it simple, while still making a statement. A white Kurta teamed up with a chunky finger ring speaks more volumes than matching ear rings and neck pieces. Create your own styling.

The summer monsoon shift also means taking good care of health. Drink lot of water, eat balanced food and get enough sleep. You are sorted.




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