Are You Having A Silent Heart Attack? Here Are Your Symptoms

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Increasing levels of stress in lives these days make us not to look out for minor ailments and hidden dangers. Silent heart attack is actually the most prevailing singular health incident that millions of people suffer in a year. If your do not know what a ‘silent’ way of suffering a heart attack is, this is perhaps the best time to get educated.

A silent heart attack is a condition that has few or no symptoms at all. You may never experience any prior symptoms that will warn you before hand. The best way is to deal with it by knowing the signs.  Most times, we confuse chest pain or temporary shortness of breath as an anxiety attack. This should not be taken for granted. Most people have later recalled their silent heart attack as being mistaken for indigestion, muscle pain, nausea, or a bad flu.

More often, women are said to be the likely targets of a silent heart attack as compared to men!

Let us understand a silent heart attack. Here are the risk factors:


Family history of having a heart condition or a disease

High levels of colesterol

Age factor




No Exercise

Avoid Having a Silent Heart Attack – Check these symptoms

Perpetual mild chest pain

Shortness of breath – once or recurring


Hypoglycemia accompanied by the above



Jaw pain

Difficulty sleeping

It is always better to get the necessary checks such as ECHO and ECG done to rule out an incident of a silent heart attack. Be aware of the risks and symptoms. Pass on the information. It may save someone’s life.



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