Are you a Work Enthusiast or a Work Addict?

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The latest research in US has some interesting findings about people who slog for long hours every day. There are two kinds of people who worship what they do – those who are enthusiastic and those who are addicts. The recent finding indicates the differences and points out the dangerous results of being a workaholic.

It is okay to be enthusiastic about work, but one should not be severely addicted to the same, argue the experts. Top researchers from the University of Bergen have now cited that almost 7.8% people in a population of 10% suffer from work addiction – they are dangerously headed to some life threatening diseases.

The results

Researchers have now cited that people who are addicts are slowly slipping into the sinking zone, going hyperactive and not caring for the after effects. This group does not know where to draw the line, while the enthusiastic group does. The latter group makes an effort to take care, engaging in other activities throughout the day such as exercise and hobby.

Know the difference

It is important to know whether you fall under the category of a work enthusiast or a work addict. Most times, people assume that it is difficult to point out the parity. Here are some of the indications put together that will tell you the difference.

Work Enthusiast

  • Is excited about work, but is not under pressure to do it
  • Takes challenges like goals, meets them in order
  • Knows where to strike life balance, engages in other activities
  • Socializes with people at least once in a week outside of work
  • Understands the signals sent from the body when he or she is extremely stressed
  • Makes sure to pay attention to work while also paying attention to self

Work Addict

  • Hyper excited and extremely worried about deadline
  • Treats challenges more often as obstacles and not goals
  • Does not know where to draw the line – works 7 days a week
  • Does not care to socialise unless business or work calls for the same
  • Stressed and confused most of the time
  • Under performs and stretches again to meet the failing results
  • Falls prey to hypertension, depression and several ailments.
  • Keeps other activities such as exercise and hobby as the last priority

It is important to NOT to become a workaholic – the manifestations on health in the long run will be severe, say the experts. Make sure you identify your work pattern and draw the line.

Research Source – CNN



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