Apple’s New MacBook Pro Gets Amazing Response on Social Platforms

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All new MacBook Pro series is now launched, and the Apple lovers are super excited. The new Pro series is indeed the next level innovation, with striking features like never before. Barely a few hours after the new MacBook was showcased on social platforms, there is an uproar of reception.

The new Apple MacBook Pro comes with a Touchbar. There are no function keys. Eye catchy retina display strip which is under the screen is a definite add on. With the new enhancements, the users of Final Cut Pro will savour their work experience.

Two other important features of the new Apple MacBook Pro is its weight and size. This is the thinnest MacBook Pro till date, and the new variant comes in 13 inch and 15 inch models. The price now is definitely on the higher size, with 15 inch MacBook Pro costing $2,399. The new 13 inch MacBook Pro costs $1,499.

The RAM is 8GB for the 13 Inch, expandable to 16GB. Latest reviews on the new MacBook Pro point at the touchbar feature and compromised battery life of just 10 hours. While Apple has stated that 16 GB RAM is primarily to save the battery life, the laptop that is bought all over the world for its longer battery will now come off as a disappointment to the users, with just 10 hours.

Overall, an interesting variant that has been launched in the MacBook Pro section after four long years.



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