80% of India is Vitamin D Deficient!! Are We Paying Attention?

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India is headed to a fast paced advancement, as well as health degradation. Stressful lifestyles, erratic routine and disoriented health care is now leading to several psychosomatic, physical and mental illnesses.

The irony of it all – we are fully aware of the shortcomings and yet fail to address the problem.

Vitamin D deficiency is one such epidemic that has fast engulfed 80% of the country. This is not a very pleasant news. Back in the day, we used to spend enough time outdoors, getting exposed to early morning sun and deriving natural source of Vitamin D. But now, we are hooked onto the laptops within the confines of air conditioned rooms. We are inviting our own disaster with such choices.

Even though it is not possible to change the existing system of stress and chaos, amends can surely be made before we fall for the calamity called Vitamin D deficiency. Doctors and researchers predict that more ailments are underway if the Vitamin D deficiency is not addressed.

Let us understand why our body needs Vitamin D. Cant we do without it? No, we absolutely cannot.

Vitamin D – The Foundation For Our Health and Well Being

Though most of us keep brushing aside D as one of the many other vitamins, it is important to understand why D is so important for the functioning of our body.

In simple terms, Vitamin D is a group of fat soluble secosteroids that are responsible for increasing intestinal absorption of essential minerals. This includes iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphate, and zinc. Vitamin D absorption keeps the critical functionalities of the body in balance – for example, imagine a scenario when you cannot process iron and calcium to carry out daily activities.

Vitamin D is essential for teeth and bone health, supports the immune system, brain health and regulates a healthy nervous system. D is particularly important for the diabetics, as it majorly regulates insulin production. The vitamin that is largely ignored also enables lung function, cardio vascular well being and shields against cancers.

The biggest challenge with Vitamin D is that it is available in very few foods. This is precisely the reason why synthesis of vitamin D in the skin is important. Vitamin D can be easily derived from sun exposure, UVB radiation, to be specific.

More often, non meat eaters are more vulnerable to Vitamin D Deficiency as against the meat consumers. This is because most of the vegetarian food groups do not have adequate amounts of the vitamin. Hence, those who do not consume meat should look at early morning sun basking as the best alternative.

Time for India to Wake Up and Act

Health experts have already written off our health to dogs. However, let us stick to the old proverb – better late than never. It is time to wake up from the denial mode and act on acquiring adequate amounts of Vitamin D. To the health!!



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