5 Life Saving Household Hacks This Summer

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The cozy winters are slowly setting and soon here is spring. Not far that we will be into the bright and ‘super’ hot summers. Let’s just think of summers like it is some strategy game. How would you feel if someone told you about a hack that could lead you to this game in a much easier way? Summer is a season when the sun bursts with delectable fruits and flavours. Certain health issues are bound to happen such as some of us might get a sunstroke or dehydration. Nevertheless, there are enough solutions that will keep you calm and going throughout this season. Whether it is about fighting sweat stains or unnecessary sun tanning, everything unpleasant about summer is taken care of!

  1. Use deodorants before you sleep

Applying deodorants at the beginning of the day is fine. The idea of applying it in the night is that the body absorbs the active ingredients present in the deodorant better while you sleep. These active ingredients help fight the body against sweat which is less during the day. Another reason is that while we are asleep our body temperature is lower, hence easier for the deodorant to create its magic.

  1. Sunburns can be cured with milk

This can be quite often happening to those who have a lot of field work or the ones who travel in hot harsh sun regions. Whenever you seem to be affected by sunburn, the remedy is right in your kitchen, MILK! All you need to do is pull out a bowl and add equal parts of milk, water and ice cubes. Use a dishtowel to soak into the mixture and lightly press onto the affected burned area for about 3-5 minutes. Repeat this procedure till you feel some relief. Apart from the medicinal benefits, the fats and protein in the milk have some great anti-inflammatory advantages. If you develop swelling, ice cube will diminish it to a great extent. For better shielding against the heat, make sure you are always hydrated.

  1. Using Lemon as a Sweat Stain removal agent

Ah! Those stale sweat laden clothes and the never ending war to clean it up is even worse. Let us all accept this fact that yes we all sweat a lot during summers and to kill all the germs on your clothes using lemon will work wonders. The acidity of lemon helps disinfecting the clothes, remove stains and also remove any kind of bad smell that pertains. Simply add equal parts of lemon and water and scrub the mixture on to the pale or discoloured fabric. Once you’re done washing it, let the sun embrace it with the nature and let it dry. The sunlight will blend well with the citric acid quickly removing the stains.

  1. Keeping bees at bay using garlic

Every approaching summer you must witness many little yellow stingy friends. Well, even though they are a harmless part of the nature but their sting is really not. So if you are ever in a situation probably bit by a bee or someone around you is yell GARLIC as loudly as you can. Garlic may be a pungent, smelly, traditional remedy but is definitely an effective one. Just quickly crush garlic into a paste and apply it to the sting. This ought to give you a faster and better relief.

If you are affected by wasp sting (the yellow black beast), mix a little water with baking powder and apply that paste in the affected area for an instant relief. For the relief from mosquitoes, simply keep a dryer sheet or may be a bug spray all the time with you. Before you sleep, make sure all your mosquito repellents are working.

  1. Play the blisters with deodorants

Summer is when all you long boots go inside the closet and all those cute ballet flats and floater slippers walk out. Due to the atmospheric heat, wearing shoes gets difficult as they chafe your feet severely with either blisters or shoe bites. Simply spray some deodorant along the inner sides of your shoes and wear them. This procedure will easily lessen the moisture and reduce friction making it easier for you to walk with freedom. Say ‘bye’ to blisters and band-aids!

Not just these five, there are so many other health remedies one can look into. Summer is all about living to the fullest and why should health issues be a hindrance ever! Just wear light coloured cotton clothes and sip in a lot of fluids, it will be a wonderful season of mirth and merry.



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