10 Important Shravana Masam Dishes

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Shravana Masam calls in for some festive fervour enjoyed with loved ones. It’s the season to pray, care, share and celebrate. Not to forget, gorge on some delicious homemade delicacies that are offered to the Goddess Lakshmi as Prasadam.

In a typical Telugu household, there are a variety of preparations that are offered to God and then relished along with the loved ones. The number of dishes that are whipped up for the occasion depends on an individual capacity and choice. Some families like to keep it simple and minimal while others love to go on a fully fledged binge mode.

Here are 10 Important Shravana Masam Dishes That Can Be Offered To Goddess Lakshmi and then savoured with those you love.

  1. Pulihora

Pulihora 10 Important Shravana Masam Dishes

The most important part of any Puja in Telugu households. Pulihora, fondly referred to as Tiger Rice forms an important ingredient in all the rituals and ceremonies. Particularly during this season, Pulihora is prepared as a customary must have. Family members absolutely love this savoury and spicy rice and make it a staple meal.

  1. Bellam Paramaannam (Jaggery Rice)

Bellam 10 Important Shravana Masam Dishes

Typically one of the most loved Paayasam, Bellam Paramaannam is offered to the Goddess and prepared on other important dates of the Shravana Masam. The sweetness of jaggery and the aroma of Ghee in the rice makes it an instant favourite of many.

  1. Murukulu/Janthikalu

Murkulu1 10 Important Shravana Masam Dishes

This is one important component of Shravanam. Murukulu or Janthikalu are an evergreen favorite festive snacks. Crispy and savoury, they tingle the taste buds like no other. In the present times of super busy lives, the good old Murukulu are mostly outsourced to expert cooks or bought over from sweet shops. However, they are a must haves going by the frequent hunger cravings that get started during this season.

  1. Rava Laddu

Rava 10 Important Shravana Masam Dishes

These yummy Laddoos just melt inside the mouth! Rava Laddu is super easy to make, not to forget super tasty. Made with Suji Rava, the preparation does not consume much time and can be enjoyed for days together. Better yet, prepare many Laddoos and store them for about a week. These Laddoos are loved by all age groups and particularly those with sweet tooth.

  1. Vadalu/Minepa Gaarelu

Vadalu 10 Important Shravana Masam Dishes

Imagine a festival without Vadas. Tasty, crispy and soft, Vadas are like an addiction. It is not much of a surprise to see your loved ones often making a trip to the kitchen with a mission to grab a handful. Vadas are also important component of Prasadam that is offered to Goddess Lakshmi. Veggies like cabbage are sometimes added to the preparation. Else, go with the simplified version adding Jeera.

  1. Guggillu

Guggilu 10 Important Shravana Masam Dishes

Made with black chickpeas, Guggillu have a renowned reputation of being a universal Prasadam. Ultra simple in making, the chickpeas are soaked overnight and then boiled and partly fried along with other condiments. Guggillu are your answer for a quick addition to the list.

  1. Boorelu

Boorelu 10 Important Shravana Masam Dishes

These heavenly offering filled with out of the world stuffing can’t be ruled out at all. Boorelu need a little more of patience and preparedness, but they are worth all the effort. Boorelu seldom last with stock as everyone will readily pounce on them post the Puja session.

  1. Chakkera Pongali

Chakkera 10 Important Shravana Masam Dishes

This sweet preparation is as cinematic as it gets. Chakkera Pongali, a cousin of Bellam Paramaannam should be made with thorough practice and experience. This is the very reason why this dish should be left in the hands of experts. A recipe coming down from generations and garnished with dry fruit is a mouth watering thought in itself.

  1. Chakkkalu

Chakkalu 10 Important Shravana Masam Dishes

The hardened versions of Prasadam made with fine pounding of dough, Chakkalu are usually relished by ladies. You will have to prepare well in advance for these or else simple get them from outside. Chakkalu without garlic are most preferred for offering as a Prasadam.

  1. Bobbatlu

Bobbatlu 10 Important Shravana Masam Dishes

Simply outstanding in taste, Bobbatlu are a real must. For a quick add on, get them from the leading sweet stores outside. Fresh Bobbatlu are also made by experts in the household with timing and planning. They taste amazing when eaten with a dollop of Ghee.

So these are the top 10. Other preparations like Maida biscuits and Kajjikayalu are also prepared by some. You can make the most of Shravana Masam with these delicious preparations going hand in hand, celebrating spirituality.

Happy Shravanam!!



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