Vijayawada Railway Station, an Unsung Hero

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The venue is easily one of the busiest railway stations in the country. Vijayawada Railway Station, an A 1 station and also one of the ten model stations in the history of Indian Railways and bears its own identity. More than 400 freight and passenger trains come and go through the station, serving more than 1,40,000 passengers every day. The station has 10 platforms with all broad gauge tracks. The largest in the station is the seventh platform.

Station’s Deep Routed History

Our dear Bezawada Railway Station also comes with a deep history behind.  Constructed in 1888, the station was actually conceptualised and executed in order to accommodate the incoming traffic from the Southern Maharatta Railway’s eastward route that passed through Vijayawada. The station slowly became an important junction for three different lines coming from prime routes.

Way back in 1899, the broad gauge line was constructed between Vijayawada and the then Madras, enabling travel path for a rail line between Madras, Bombay, Howrah, New Delhi and Hyderabad. After the nationalisation, the Indian Railways was formed by the Government of India. Vijayawada Railway Station became the headquarters for the respective division, and was assigned to the Southern Railway.

Nostalgia with the Golconda Express

The station has a special connect with the historic Golconda Express, one of the fastest trains in the country. The Golconda express was introduced in 1969 for the rail route of Vijayawada to Secunderabad. This rail was reckoned as the fastest steam hauled train in the country, running at an average speed of 58 km per hour.

Current Scenario

Vijayawada Railway Station is the second largest railway junction in India today and the most important station of the Indian Railways with more than 250 express and 150 freight trains passing through, serving 50 million passengers per year. Vijayawada Railway Division and station generate more profits than other divisions and stations in South Central Railway and are busier than the zonal headquarters in Secunderabad.

An Unsung Hero with Potent Prospects

If a separate zone is formed, removing the Vijayawada Division from South Central Railway and forming a new zone with Vizag as headquarters, the entire South Central Railway zone becomes nonviable. In spite of contributing heavily to the revenue of Indian Railways, Vijayawada station is not upgraded and is devoid of the required facilities.

A special zone as promised in division bill will correct this injustice. As the people of Andhra, time has come to fight for a separate Railway Zone.

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