The Illustrious Reddy Dynasty in Andhra – Must Know Facts

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Reddys in Andhra

There is more to that last name than what meets the eye in the present day and age. You can correlate the name with chivalry, valor intellect, perhaps one of the top most identities in the great lineage of Andhra dynasties.

For the new age dummies who don’t know much about the great Reddy dynasty, the name Prolaya Verma Reddy is a must know. The man who was behind the establishment of the great Reddy dynasty that flourished in the 13th and 14th CE. Reddys ruled the wide stretch of coastal and central Andhra Pradesh and were known to be able rulers, administrators and patrons of art and literature. The great Kondavidu and Kondapalli forts are a living testament of the once mighty Reddy ancestry.

Here are some of the must know facts about the great Reddy dynasty that transitioned from Andhra to Telangana in a progressive way.

The Reddy Chief Connection with the Kakatiyas

Some of the greatest Chiefs from the Reddy clan were appointed as the prime generals in the Kakatiya rule, becoming the feudatories under the ruler Pratapa Rudra. After the passing of the great Pratapa Rudra, these Reddy generals became the eventual independents. This was precisely when Prolaya Verma Reddy took over to establish the first Reddy Kingdom at Addanki.

They Had a Severe ‘Fort Obsession’

No other rulers were as obsessive about building forts as Reddys were. This explains the built of two great forts at Kondapalli and Kondavidu. They possessed exceptional skills with conceptualization and construction of forts. It has to be mentioned that even the signature forts located at Bellamkonda, Vinukonda and Nagarjunakonda were a part of the once Reddy kingdoms that prevailed during that era.

They Fought Ferociously against the Delhi Sultanate

In the year 1323 when the Delhi Sultanate had invaded the Kakatiyas, the Reddy chiefs and nobles jumped into action. Some of the great Telugu Nobles like Musunuri Prolaya Nayaka, prolaya Verma Reddy, Recharla Singama nayaka and manchikonda Ganapatinayaka came together to fight the Sultanate. They succeeded in throwing these forces out and thereby established independent kingdoms of their own.

Great Patrons of Literature

The Reddy rulers took to literature witjh passion. They had extensively worked towards the development and sustenance of the Telugu literature to become one of the greatest languages of the country. Great poets and writers like Errana, Srinathudu and Potana were widely applauded and encouraged by the Reddy kings.

They followed “Dharmasutras’ as administrators

The Reddy kings were strong followers of law and tax. They complied with the time tested Dharmasutras to adhere to agriculture and trade. The celebrations called ‘Vasantotsavalu’ were initiated by the ruler Anavema Reddy to welcome bright summers. Brahmins were greatly revered and rewarded by the Reddy kings.




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