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Pattiseema Papikondalu Tour, the tourist extravaganza of the West Godavari district popular among the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh is now drawing scores of travel enthusiasts and nature lovers. Located on the fertile banks of river Godavari, the village is surrounded by hillocks draped in thick blanket of vegetation and is a veritable tourist paradise. It is famous for Sri Veerabhadra temple, which is recognized as one of the Panchakasi Kshetrams of the Shaivaites.

The spell bound and exciting boat journey along river Godavari to see the life size sculpture of Devi Bhadrakali is the distinct hallmark of this tour. Highly revered for its mythological significance, the sacred place is frequented by Saivaites and Vaishnavaites alike.

Mythological Connect – Sati Devi’s Self Immolation

Pattiseema abuts the hillock Devakuta Parvatam. Legends say that king Daksha, angered by his daughter Sati Devi who married Lord Shiva against his wishes performs a yagna in the name of Bruhaspati. Sati Devi, who was uninvited to the yagna in turn visits her father’s place in spite of earnest cautioning by Lord Shiva. Outraged by the ill-treatment meted out to her at the Yagna, she creates fire by rubbing the cut digit of her little finger on the left foot on the Earth. She gets consumed by fire. Enraged by the self-immolation of his beloved wife Sati Devi, Lord Shiva plucks a shred of his long braid, strikes it on ground and creates Lord Veerabhadra to avenge himself. Lord Shiva gifts a long sword like weapon called Pattayudha to his son to destroy yagna and kill Daksha. This weapon with which Daksha was slain fell on the earth and the place where it fell was named Pattachalkshetra, now rechristened as Pattiseema.

Sati Pattiseema Papikondalu Tour - The Best River Cruises in India

Sati Devi consumed by fire

The Rise of Lord Veerabhadra Swamy

Lord Veerabhadra’s destructive rampage continued unabated. Even the Vishnu Chakra of the Lord Vishnu and the Lord Sun fail to halt his aggression. He continued his pralaya tandavam and the world trembled under his feet. Bhadra Kali was created from those tremors. Appalled by the ferocity of Lord Veerabhadra, deities approach Agastaya Muni who pacifies the Lord by embracing him. Lord Veerabhadra soon transforms into a Shivaling and settles on the Devkutapravatam hillock.

veera-1024x609 Pattiseema Papikondalu Tour - The Best River Cruises in India

Depiction of Lord Veerabhadra Swamy by an artist

Main Attractions on the Devakuta Parvatam

The hillock has two groups of temples. One group headed by Veerabhadra Swamy temple with a life size sculpture of Bhadrakali Devi. Other shrines include those of Kankadurga, Kumaraswamy, Lakshmi Ganapathi, Subramanyam Swamy, Mahishasuramardhini and Saraswati.

papi-hills1-1024x681 Pattiseema Papikondalu Tour - The Best River Cruises in India

The Papikondalu boat tour attracts lot of tourists every year

In the second group there is the famous Sri Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple, Sita-Ramaswamy Temple and Anjaneya Swamy Temple.

  • Devakutaparavatam is picturesquely located in the centre of river Godavari and has to be reached by a cruise.
  • The hillock is surrounded by the splendid hill ranges Papi Hills or Papikondalu, part of India’s majestic Eastern Ghats.
  • Enveloped by the enchanting hills housing wide variety of flora and fauna with sparkling clear waters of Godavari lashing the foot hills, the place is an absolute delight for nature lovers.
  • The scenic water route is truly enchanting. The lush vegetation abounding the hills visited by the chirping residents and the migratory birds transcends eternal grace.
  • The serenity and the bountiful exuberance of the nature can be savoured by engaging a comfortable cruise.

Shiva Mutt Built by the Chola – Chalukya Dynasty

Thirty five miles downstream of Pattiseema was once a Shiva mutt, with a huge temple built and maintained by the Kings of the Chola- Chalukya dynasty. The area around the mutt soon developed into a big settlement and came into existence as Rajamahendravaram (named after the King Raja Mahendra Verma) or the present day Rajahmundry.

Papi-hills-3 Pattiseema Papikondalu Tour - The Best River Cruises in India

Tourists from other countries enjoying the tour

Other main attractions of the Pattiseema – Papikondalu Tour


Papikonda Wild Life Sanctury



Gandipochamma Temple

Cruise Packages by AP Tourism

Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department Corporation (APTDC) offers a variety of cruises to suit to individual taste and affordability. The thrilling rides along the river front meandering through the dangerous and curvaceous ends can be relished by engaging cruises which offer breakfast and lunch on board. The luxurious, trendy, double decker, air-conditioned cruises with all the latest amenities and facilities can be availed by contacting APTDC. AP Tourism operates cruises to Pattiseema where breakfast and lunch will be served. But accommodation has to be availed at hotels in Rajahmundry.

Package Details (APDTC) – Pattiseema Papikondalu Tour

6:30 AM : Departure to polavaram from Rajamundry by Non A/c bus
8:00 AM : Arrival to polavaram
8:15 AM : Departure Perantalapalli by cruise
8:45 AM : Breakfast on cruise
9:30 AM : Visit to Gandipochamma temple
9:45 AM : Departure Perantalapalli
1:30 PM to 2:30 PM : Arrival & Visit Perantalapalli (Rama Krishna parama hamsa asramam & Shivalayam&water fall)
2:30 PM : Departure to polavaram by boat
6:30 PM : Arrival to polavaram
7:00 PM : Deptarture to Rajamundry
8:00 PM : Arrival to Rajamundry.
Fare: Adult Rs. 655/- , Child Rs. 550/-
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Staying Arrangements

There are various hotels in and around Rajahmundry where the travellers can halt for a day when required. Also, the famous Kolluru bamboo hut accommodation by the river side arranged by the Konaseema Tourism is quite popular.

How to get there

Nearest railway station/ airport is Rajahmundry

By Road: 35 km from Rajahmundry via Kovvur

160 Kms from Vijayawada via NH5

224 Kms from Vizag via NH5

Papi Pattiseema Papikondalu Tour - The Best River Cruises in India






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