Koneti Rayala Swamy Temple – Surreal Shrine Only Next to Tirumala

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If you are constantly mesmerized and astounded by the magic of the divine Tirumala, you will also have to know about its immediate successor in terms of magnanimity and second in line in terms of surreal appeal. Koneti Rayala Swamy Temple located at Keelapatla of Chittoor District is all that and more.

The temple of Lord Venkateswara is well known among the travellers and devotees of Lord Balaji. The unique part about this temple is its main Gopuram. The Gopuram of the Koneti Rayala Swamy temple is identical to that of the great Gopuram of Tirumala Venkateswara Swamy temple.

The Lord of Keelapatla is Kalpatharu (a heavenly tree that grants boons), Chintamani (celestial power) and the holy Kamadhenu (heavenly cow that gives material and spiritual wealth).

Astounding Facts about the Koneti Rayala Swamy Temple:

Here are some of the amazing features and facts about Lord Venkateshwara’s Koneti Rayala Swamy Temple in Keelapatla.

  1. In the sanctum of the temple, Koneti Rayudu resembles Sri Venkateswara. Huge and mighty Jaya Vijayas, Chennakesava idol with Sridevi and Bhudevi on either side, the five famous Alwars, Bhoovaraha Moorthy, Garudalwar and the Anjaneya Swamy statue form the main attractions.
  2. Koneti Rayala Swamy Temple was said to have been built by the Pallavas in the timeline of 9th Century AD. Vijayanagara Rulers and British officials later on assigned many acres of land that is in and around Keelapatla village towards performing day to day worship and ceremonial festivals like Brahmotsavams, Sankranthi Parveta, Radhasaptami, Ugadi and the mystical Vaikunta Ekadasi.
  3. Temple in Tirumala and the Koneti temple in Keelapatla also share other similarities, such as pathways to the main shrine. The forest areas that exist between both the places have rest Mandapas, indicating some sort of connect.
  4. The Koneti Temple has four security posts, also known as Buruzulu on four sides of the temple and an Ashwasala (horse shelter), Gajasala (Elephant shelter) and an Agadtha (trench) around the temple.

Koneti Rayala Swamy Temple can be reached from Chittoor via Palamneru with a distance of 95 kms.



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