Chaturmukha Bramha Lingeswara Temple – Lord Shiva’s Mighty Base

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The famous Chaturmukha Brahma Lingeswara Temple located in Chebrolu of Guntur district is easily counted among the most significant Shiva temples in the country. The name Chaturmukha means four faces, and has been derived from the four faced Shiva Lingam in the temple.

This temple is also one of the outstanding Shiva temples in Andhra Pradesh. Chebrolu as such has four other important temples – Nageswara, Chandrasekhara,  Bhimeswara and Adikesava temples. The small town has a great past right from the era of Satavahanas, going on till the Kakatiyas.

Chaturmukha Bramha Lingeswara Temple was built by Chalukya Bhima 1 hailing from the famous Vengi Chalukyan kings. The temple houses a tall Shiva Lingam that is worshipped from the first floor of the temple.

There are two shrines in the Adikesava temple built in the time period of Kakatiya dynasty. There is also a beautiful red coloured Nandi seen outside the Nageswara temple, one of the main attractions in Chebrolu.

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