Brihatpalayanas – Kingdom that Built Modern Andhra Pradesh

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In the shining glory of many great Andhra empires, there is one that needs a special mention. Brihatpalayanas kingdom of the Krishna district that was once instrumental in shaping the state of Andhra that was coming off the age.

Brihatpalayanas are known among the historians and families with deep lineage. This is the kingdom that ruled the entire of Krishna District with Pithunda as its capital. The once well flourished great capital near Machilipatnam is also referred to as the modern metropolis of Andhra in one of Ptolemy’s work.

Exciting Facts about Brihatpalayanas

Brihatpalayanas ruled Northern Andhra during the third century, right after the mighty Ikshvakus. King Jayavarma, the only well-known king hailing from this dynasty ruled the Krishna district from 270 to 285 AD. Kodur was also the capital at around the 3rd century.

The name Brihatpalayanas has two names in it. Brihat, which means expansiveness and Palayana, which means moving or in motion.

It has been said in the history that Brihatpalayanas were conspicuously subdued by the great Pallavas. This is the very reason why some argue that a part of the territory was eventually passed into the hands of the Salankayanas hailing from Vengi dynasty.

Raja Jyavarma is said to be the one and only Brihatpalayanas king, because of the fact that the princess hailing from the family was married off to one of the Andhra Ikshvaku Kings. Jayavarma is said to have ruled a sizable expanse in his regime, where his kingdom included Musala Taluk as far as parts like Gudivada, Kolleru and North Guntur.

Jayavarma’s considerate nature towards the Brahmin community was well evidenced during his rule when he had issued an order in the form of a copper plate grant to the governor of Kuduru district. The king asked for massive land grant in favour of Brahmins.

After the passing of King Jayavarma, the territory was taken over by the Ananda Gotrikas, who gained control to the south of Krishna river while the Salankayanas took over the northern part of the river.

Going by the famous Hathigumpha inscription, Pithunda, the capital of the once great kingdom of Brihatpalayanas has been destroyed by Kaharavela of the Kalinga dynasty.



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