Alluring Buddhist Traces in Allur and Gudivada

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Here we take efforts to present the Buddhist shades of two of the most history-rich sites in the Krishna district, Allur and Gudivada.

Allur, the Mandal headquarter, a little over 5 km from the Yerrupalem Railway Station on the Vijayawada-Hyderabad stretch is among the many sites in Krishna district to house a Buddhist Stupa. A series of excavations has brought to light the fact that the Stupa came with a drum that measured 76 feet and 8 inches in diameter.

Interesting Connect With History

A couple of inscriptions comprising Brahmi characters are enough proof that they can be dated to the 3rd century A.D. These influences strongly suggest the possibility of a trade route that connected the Maisolia region with the West-coast via Pathan.


Gudivada, another mandal headquarter, nevertheless, the place of temples, about 32 kms is located on the north-west of Machilipatnam, whose stupa was first taken heed of, by the historian Boswell in mid 19th century. It wasn’t until Alexandar Rea’s consistent persuasion that the excavations unearthed traces of circular courses of brick work. The place was called Vidarbhapuri in the late 17th century as per Khandeyayani Kaikaluru Silasasanam.


In addition to Buddhist traces, even Jains reportedly made their presence felt here. As a matter of fact, there are as many as 99 low mounds with remains of Buddhist Stupas. A huge draw is the elevated cylindrical mound that boasts of a semi-spherical top.

Retracting to its Roots

An interesting link to a Satavahana-ruled township here emerged when efforts put to the fore a collection of bricks, pots, coins and beads with the latter clearly indicating the defined period.

Places To Make Time For As Well!!

The Jain Mandir of Bhagawan Parshvanath located at market road and Subrahmanyeswara Swamy Temple are other notable sites in the nearby areas, worthy of a visit.

How to Reach Gudivada

Gudi Alluring Buddhist Traces in Allur and Gudivada

Nearest Airport: Vijayawada (35 km)

Nearest Railway Stations: Dosapadu, Moturu, Vijayawada

Nearest Bus Stations: Gudivada Bus Station , Ventra Pragada Bus Station , Gudlavalleru Bus Station



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