Akkamahadevi – Spellbinding, Prehistoric Caves in The Midst of Nallamala Hills

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Akkamahadevi caves are for both the believers & non-believers! Another nature’s bounty and gift to the human race that can be reached in a boat from Pathala Ganga in a boat. Service starts from 10 am. Cable car will take the enthusiasts to the boarding point. Or else, it takes 30 minutes by walk and when it came to us, we walked. The ride takes 60-90 minutes one way and this is a half a day’s trip. For nature lovers and photography enthusiasts, this is yet another feast. These caves took the name of Akkamahadevi, a 12th century philosopher from Karnataka, believed to have done penance here.

The boat meandering through the azure waters & sky, hills and greenery is quite refreshing. If there is time to take the boat, can enjoy the PUTTI, small round boat ride in the river.

The arch of the main cave is a geological wonder which stands with no support.

To reach and have a Darshan of the Lingam, one has to bend and crawl for 15 minutes and that too backed with by Bat’S noise/ music . There is a narrow passage and in front of the Lingam where only one person can stand at a time. Like any caves in the world, these caves also smell with Bat droppings and are quite unclean.

Carry your own water, snacks and a TORCHLIGHT. Kindly do not litter the place.

PS- If there is not sufficient water in the river, there will not be any boat service. Check before you plan.

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