Adurru and Erravaram – Priceless Buddhist Testaments in East Godavari

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The ageing Stupas in the East Godavari district come with a deep background. Adurru and Erravaram continue to be the prime Buddist sites of interest for the historians. The relics left here speak of a timeless tale.

Let us look at what Adurru and Erravaram tell the modern man about the old Andhra lineage into Buddhism.


One of the cherished Buddhist sites for the seekers and the historians, Adurru is located on the west bank of Vainateya, one of the tributaries of river Godavari. This is also 9.5 kms away from the sea. There are timeless Stupas, Chaityas and Viharas in the monastic complex.

Adurru Mahastupa

This Mahastupa is built like a wheel which is 17 ft in diameter with an elevated platform, running all around the drum and ayaka platforms in an important religious edifice. The Buddhist remnants dating back to 3rd Century AD can be found scattered across an area of close of 2.04 acres at Adurru.

Important Facts about Adurru Mahastupa

  • This Stupa was founded by Sanghamitra and built by Mahendra, the two children of Emperor Asoka. Sanghamitra founded the Stupa in one of her travels from SriLanka to via Odalarevu.
  • Every year, people from this native and living elsewhere gather here to celebrate as a family during Buddha Jayanthi.
  • A local Zamindar is said to have excavated a considerable part of the mound. Hence to this day, the Stupa is also referred to as Dubaraju Gudi.


Located on the left bank of the river Yeleru, a tributary of Godavari river, the Erravaram stone reliquary lies at a distance of 45 kms from Rajahmundry on route to Visakhapatnam. On the eastern side of the village is the hillock that is locally known as Dhanaladibba. This is littered with early historic cultural materials.

Important Facts about Erravaram Buddhist Reliquary

A survey conducted by the Archeaology department revealed in the discovery of caves, rock cut cisterns, remains of ancient Viharas, Stupas, pillared congregation hall and a Mahastupa dating back to 1st Centruy AD.



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