5 Reasons Why Mypadu Beats The Crap Out of World’s Best Beaches

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Some call it Mypad, while the others, Mypadu. This amazing sizzling beach is also known to be the crown of Andhra Pradesh. Mypadu beach, located 25 kilometers from Nellore will make you forget some of the most exotic beaches in the world. Andhra Pradesh is widely known for the select precious beach spots that are not known to most people. Mypad comes into this category when one has to simply forget the regular and cliched beaches of Vizag and Chennai.

Five Reasons Why Mypadu Beach is one of the best getaway beaches of the world

Sparkling Waters, Scenic Getaways

You would have been to foreign locales with sparkling beach waters and scenic visuals.. Mypadu is here to literally save your flight money. A beautiful and exotic destination right here at home will replicate the same effect and you still don’t know it. The beautiful blues and green in the water that blends with surrounding visuals. Most local tourists and residents find Mypad an ideal spot for weekend getaways with families.

One of the Cleanest Beaches

Perhaps one of the cleanest beaches ever, Mypad is well maintained despite the heavy traffic entertained over weekends. Say goodbye to those regular beach shores near the city that reek of dirt and bad hygiene. A trip to Mypad during early morning hours is bound to calm your nerves.

Lively Tourist Attractions

Even though there is a plenty of scope for tourism to develop here, Mypad already has engaging activities for the visitors and the dwellers. Adventure activities, local boat rides, idyllic fishing spots and even sun bathing spots, Mypad is the next alternative to Goa for the expats. A number of pubs and stalls are also set up to entertain the guests who come visiting on the weekends.

Comfortable Arrangements

There is a plenty of opportunity for AP Tourism to improvise the accomodation arrangements. However, Mypad houses number of comfortable hotels where the tourists can stay without many complaints. Hotels like Shivan International and Murali Krishna offer decent level of comfort and hospitality. These hotels also have internal amenities like pool, reading area, plush lobby to hang out and a bar. There are several private beach resorts around the area.

International Style Beach At An Affordable Cost

If you were long planning to take your family on an international beach visit and were holding back either due to time or money constraints, you need not look beyond Mypad. A perfect choice of an exotic and well maintained beach that is at your near vicinity.

Well Connected By Air, Road and Rail

Located in the vicinity of Nellore city, Mypad beach is easily reachable by all modes of transport. Tourists can catch a flight to either of the two happening nearest destinations, Tirupati and Chennai. A well connected rail and road transport also helps.

Best time to visit the Mypad beach would be between December and February. Considering that we are near the holiday season, you may sure want to look up Mypad on the internet.

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