When The Fans Of PK and Prabhas Fought For a Wrong Reason!!

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It was a quite a scene yesterday in the Bhimavaram District. The devoted fans of Power Star Pawan Kalyan and Baahubali Star Prabhas had to come to blows – all for a very wrong reason.

Apparently the PK fans wished a very Happy Birthday to their screen God Pawan Kalyan and put up a grand flexi of the star. Trouble brewed in when the flexi was vandalized by some unknown miscreants on the Juvvalapalem Road.

fans When The Fans Of PK and Prabhas Fought For a Wrong Reason!!

Cops Taking Control of The Situation

The fans of PK immediately guessed who the culprits could be. The blame was automatically thrust on the rival fans of Prabhas. PK fans immediately got into action, without checking facts, and burned down all the posters of Prabhas in the premises.

Both the groups resorted to violence that involved exchange of abusive words and stone pelting that damaged the glass doors of the nearby ATMs.

Police had to intervene to take control of situation. Lathi charge and additional force was deployed to that effect. The fans of Power Star did not back down with the humiliation. They took to the rally on the bikes and performed ‘Ksheerabhishekam’ on his portrait.

Welcome to the land of Tollywood Stars!



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