When Actors Mingled Like a Family, And Not Caste Groups

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They were truly Golden days, or so I have heard where actors mattered. Constant discussions that prevailed at home front when mom and aunts would discuss how close and platonic Jamuna’s friendship was with NTR, or the kind of brotherhood that was maintained between NTR and SVR. This was the era when harmony was the underlying basis of professional relationships. I still wouldn’t quite get it, right until this picture surfaced somewhere on the internet.

A sheer poetry in single frame shows NTR holding his daughter in a cradle ceremony and thronged by his most famous co stars – Anjali Devi, Jamuna and Savithri. Interestingly, all of these ladies were paired successfully along with the legend. All the stars in the frame were celebrities with great fan following. And to mention the specifics, not all of them hailed from the same caste or community. And still, here they are, celebrating like one family together, leaving aside every other barrier and carrying forth deepest mutual respect for each other.

Where have these days gone, really? What happened to all the great working relationship that was measured on the basis of contribution and not the background. Where has all the surreal feeling of oneness gone, this picture makes me wonder.

Today, cinema is all about success and wealth generation. There is a furore in the form of social media hype, fan groups and not to mention, specific targeted groups that hero worship stars based on their caste. And there are those absolutely senseless ‘Star Wars’, where one group attacks the other, with name calling, stone pelting and street fighting. The respective stars are forced to jump into immediate action, doing the damage control. The noise is eventually picked up by the news channels to rake up their TRPs. Lot of business done in a day, presumably. Yes, nothing close to the good old Golden Era.

There is hope though, that such feelings will be revived after looking at this single photograph captured hazily. This is a priceless testimonial as to why that era was called as Golden. Getting back to admiring the picture, one more time.



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