What’s The Right Formula For Star Kids, Anyway?

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Only recently, heart throb Nagarjuna Akkineni’s son, Akhil, was launched into the world of showbiz. The debut given to Akhil was grandiose, magnanimous, and ‘out to save the world’ sorts. No, literally. Akhil goes out against all the odds to save the sinking world.

Now, some loved the entree, and some hated it absolutely. In the current generation of star kids, Akhil is said to belong to the super league kinds. The kid stole many hearts even before hitting the silver screen, trekking the dangerous hills and sipping on a Mountain Dew. This young blood blazed the cricket field while playing in the teams for raising money towards charity and the like. Everybody already loved him even before proving a point that he is deigned to be one of the bests in the industry.

Akhil received a great support in the form of story, casting, concept, characterization and even a star director at his disposal who would make him shine like a charming. Unlike many Tollywood debuts that happen with a love story, Akhil went straight for the guns. He chose to play action.

Millions of fans who worship Nag will fondly remember their idol’s own debut. To make a remarkable entry for an actor, especially for the one who carries the baggage of a star father, is a challenge. In fact, there is no right or wrong formula here. There is only a ‘shot’ taken and seen.

Fans and critics who dissect the film and make a mincemeat of the outcome have to keep remembering that nobody gets away with the right results all the time. Even the star kids. There is a lot of pressure riding, with expectations set high. These kids are prepped to deliver. And given that they are overshadowed by the mighty ‘daddy’ or ‘mommy’ image and that there are eyes seeking a viable ‘torchbearer’ in them, the matter is nothing short of an anxiety. In fact, star kids cant even get away easy as compared to those other kids who make a debut without a forceful factor hounding their heads.

There is a lot of hullabaloo happening for this particular kid. Whether Akhil should have chosen a better script or not, whether he should have dazzled better in his debut or not – all these probabilities will continue to remain a matter of conjecture in the ever changing film world of changing preferences and volatility.

Coming to the ‘formula’ for a star kid? What is that, anyway? A new kid is always a new one on the block, whether he comes in an auto-rickshaw or a Mercedes. There are no hard and fast rules here. Sheer gamble is what prevails.



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