Weekend Analysis – Tollywood Films That Were A Complete Bust

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Last week was the last golden chance for films to milk the summer holiday season. I am afraid, not even a single movie could hit the bull’s eye. We had three low-to-medium budget releases the last Friday.

Let us take a look at the Tollywood films that were released last week and what they did to the masses and the box office.
Jyothi Lakshmi

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Loosely based on the novel, Mrs Parankusam, Puri Jagannadh finished the movie at rocket speed in 36 days. For the first time, Puri made a women-centric film, keeping his style of characterization impact. The eccentricity which is common in his heroes is now transformed to the leading lady.

To begin with, Jyothi Lakshmi didn’t create any interest pre-release. Despite knowing that women centric films hardly draw any audience on the first day, a boring trailer was served. Today, teasers are an integral part of movie success. On Friday, verdict was out with mixed reviews ranging from below-average to a decent attempt.

Some felt that film was too preachy and loud. On, the contrary, there were also some good reviews for the film based on the performance of Satya, Ajay Ghosh and the message Puri wanted to convey. Ironically, the actor who played JyothiLakshmi hardly got any appreciation. Currently, the movie is still trying to survive at the box office. There are some special screenings organized as the movie tries to empower women in Puri Jagannadh style. In the beginning of this week, rumors had that Mega Star Chiranjeevi had opted out of Puri’s movie. However, to put an end to that rumour, Puri tweeted that Chiru is already impressed with the story. Well, hit or flop, Puri works like a machine with a gifted ability to write and shoot movies at shocking speeds.

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The director of Vinayakudu and Village lo Vinaykudu made his third film Kerintha under the prestigious production house of Dil Raju. There was a star hunt last year to pick some of the cast. Extensive promotion was done for the film. The lead cast danced in the malls to gain some attention. With rigorous promotion on TV, radio and live, the film earned good publicity. Sai Kiran Adivi, the director who assisted Shekar Kammula in Anand and Happy Days probably couldn’t think beyond the school he came from and audience found a lot of resemblance to Happy Days in Kerintha. Cheesy lines on friendship and love made some portions artificial. On the whole the movie got a lukewarm to average response. It was declared as ‘one-time watch’ in the film critics’ lingo. Aggressive promotions are still going on. Looks like the makers want to portray this film as hit at any cost.
Lava Kusa

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Like many of the Varun Sandesh’s films, the latest flick Lava-Kusa also went unnoticed during its release. With hardly any significant improvement in performances from his debut film, Varun has more than 20 films in his filmography section. Lava Kusa has Varun in a double role paired with Richa Panai.

The trailer suggested an almost sleazy film with awful scenes and insipid comic bits. The outcome of this film is obviously a flop. The total sum of viewers that watched this film might be lesser than the number of actors in the film. High time, Varun takes a break and sharpens his acting skills instead of picking whatever comes to him greedily.

Otherwise, even after crossing 50 films, this lad might still be overlooked.

Of all the three, Jyothi Lakshmi seems to have an edge over the other two, owing to Puri’s distinctive writing and characterization. Kerintha is solely surviving on its promotional strategy by the man with a Midas touch – Dil raju. Lava Kusa comfortably accommodated the college love-birds in the corner seats of empty halls.

Coming to the fate of films that released the previous week, Singham123 turned out be a safe venture for the buyers. Though the movie turned to be a flop, opening collections helped the buyers to recover. Asura was a hit but sadly, only on social media. A typical ‘Facebook’ hit where the netizens went gung ho over the film but the halls had vacuum. Andhra Pori turned out to be a disastrous remake of Marathi Film, Time Pass.
All in all, the most potential season of the year- Summer was wasted. This is a big disappointment to the Telugu cinema lovers indeed.



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