This Video of CBN Kabali Mash Up is Worth Appreciating

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NIPPU RA!! One video says it all.

Seriously, Kabali fever is everywhere, penetrating all regions and corners of the world. The fans everywhere are going crazy, and even the non followers of Rajinikanth are suddenly following him.

The film may have received mixed reviews at the box office, but the Rajini hangover continues with same force. This recent fan video made on Chief Minister of AP, Sri N Chandrababu Naidu is quite entertaining.

The video that has been titled as ‘Super CM’ shows the mash up of CBN with Kabali dialogues. Though not very accurate, the video gets its brief attention, only for the honest efforts that have gone in to hero worship two very incredible personalities.

It is well know that CM and Rajinikanth showcase two very different personalities. Our CM is all about data, outcomes and productivity while Rajini is all about strutting the swagger and throwing the punches. Also, Mr Chandrababu Naidu is actually quite a shy person in real life.

Match or mismatch, the video gets the attention for sheer entertainment. Good attempt, we must say!!



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