There is Only One SRK – Happy 50th Birthday From AP

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“Kallu maatram Shah Rukh Khan la undaali”

How many times would you have heard this phrase often among your near and dear young women, apart from the film Tholi Prema? Young women in your family would have said it at some point of time or the other. You would have also come across the so called ‘SRK haters’ fraternity. We will come to that in a while.

It so happened that it really happened. After Amitabh Bachchan, there is only one other name that charms all Telugu households. Women in particular – Shah Rukh Khan.

The man who rose from a modest background to become the reigning Badshah of Bollywood, SRK is well liked and admired in the majority of households who have seen effervescent content coming alive on screen. Andhra people are absolutely not an exception. Some of the Shah Rukh Die hards hail from here. We all still remember the cute ‘Raju’ who ‘Ban Gaya Gentleman’ and turned up as a Rahul – ‘Naam toh suna hi hoga’ in some of the rocking blockbusters in the past two decades.

Shah Rukh Khan connects well with most of us. Particularly men and women who hail from the millennium of working class and software culture, the kids who have struggled along with the star in their normal lives. They would flock to the theaters to see him perform, emote, romance, laugh and cry.

Come new SRK film in the town and the entire family will book tickets. The more multi starrer it is, the better. For Shah Rukh will only beat them all and take away their screen presence. SRK is loved by the entire family as such. Age no bar.

Few of his remarkable films would have inadvertently been some of our life stories. Inspired, derived, stolen and borrowed. We may love or hate his narcissistic antics, but there is no ignoring Shah Rukh Khan as such. He is bound to get your attention, one way or the other. He is destined to be adapted and attuned to. For he is infectious at all levels.

Shah Rukh Khan’s life story is as inspiring as his personal charm. A man who often credits his late parents for his success and misses them sorely, SRK has led a largely scandal free life, as a complete family man winning a million hearts. From the film Baazigar to the very latest Chennai Express, SRK has played a plethora of roles that very few actors would have managed to pull off in the Indian Cinema. Perhaps this is the very reason that Shah Rukh Khan is placed next to none other than Amitabh Bachchan in the line.

The king of Bollywood and ruling Raja of the Telugu communities turns 50 today. Here is wishing a magnanimous life ahead to SRK. May you keep winning always.



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