The Story Of A Poor Lungi

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The cloth is a piece of social media adulation right now. Lungi dance and Lungi mania takes over as Prince Mahesh Babu of Tollywood walks wearing one, folding it up like a proper South Indian boy. The man looks like a confused young graduate straight out of engineering who went off to spend time at his grandparents for a vacation. The script may be otherwise but the picture looks adorable. God knows what elixir he must be drinking to maintain the fount of youth, but anyways. Moving on to the topic.

The world world is now being educated about it. That poor Lungi had been a part of existence from times immemorial in Telugu, Tamil and Mallu households. The long stretch of cotton cloth signifies comfort, homeliness and countless respite. Men have been lazying around comfortably in their Lungis from even before some of us were born, showcasing that chauvinistic persona while stretching legs as women did all the house work. Some men actually folded it up to do real jobs, i think.

Come modern times and the Lungis took a back seat from all the limelight. Jeans and other things took over, fashion came and went. But they stayed. Maybe because they are a true reflection of our in house culture of manly comfort and the concept of feeling all ‘Mantastic’ while slouching in them. Lungis also enable some men to become the decision makers of the world, ganging up at the Racha Banda discussing world politics. ‘Lungi veskoni polo mani..’ is one statement often heard conveying the very message.

arya The Story Of A Poor Lungi

Arya in Lungi, trying to woo his lady love Nayanthara in Nene Ambani

A Lungi is worn to relax. A Lungi is also folded up to show the manly power while indulging in street fights. A Lungi is worn to impress a modern day young girl who looks for the touch of ‘tradition’ in her fiancé or a lover. A Lungi is blown out of proportion on the silver screens, what with the white color matching those tired Sumos which are dragged out time and again to shine on some true blue filmy Rayalaseema power.

Hence, in totality, the Lungis have been indispensable. Used up for some hundred reasons to prove a point to the rest of the world. Lungis have also become the sure shot emblem of the word ‘South India’, particularly after YoY o Honey Singh rendered his famous number in Bollywood.

Lungi dance or not, on screen men walk wearing one and the trend is set. There is a sudden uproar, A rage. Some awe. Social media goes ballistic with business. As if. For me, Lungis bring back fond memories of my uncles working in their fields, somewhere, to sustain a livelihood. For most of us, the association is close to hard reality and nostalgia.

Meanwhile, all our great looking Mahesh s and Aryas. Go on. Fold that one up. Work it. Make a statement. Don’t under estimate the power of a common Lungi. The Lungis are here to stay for good.

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