The Jungle Book, Better Than All the No Brainers This Year!!

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“In order to survive, you must follow the law of the Jungle”

The innocence is back. The basic ideology of life and living is again reminded of. The brave spirit echoes one more time from within a tiny heart. The Jungle Book is here!!

Mowgli comes back to the screens all over the world with an endearing connect. Those of us who have lived our childhood watching the Sunday show with him and the rest of the characters know the value of this feeling. The life where childhood meant learning amazing lessons with meaningful cartoons and not being hooked on to nonstop nuisance inside tablets, gadgets and smartphones. Where Baloo and Bagheera taught us more things about survival than the silly Minecraft games that kids are now so latched on to. The magnificence of Shere Khan that cannot be ignored or overlooked. The loyalty of Bagheera that goes beyond words.

The film was interestingly released in India prior to the rest of the world. Perhaps because of the story thing.

Also, Mowgli and his team are a better entertainment than all the no brainer popcorn flicks of the world. Disney has done a commendable job, casting young Neel Sethi in the prime role that grabs the attention. Children will absolutely love the visual effects, picturization, sound, technical detailing and the super adorable timeless characters brought to life. The 3D rendition sets new standards on the global podium, with Akela, Raksha, Baloo, Bagheera and Shere Khan doing their bit and making this film a blockbuster. There is absolutely no reason why you have to push your kids to watch the usual nonsensical commercial films while The Jungle Book is still playing in town.

Disney’s The Jungle Book is bound to leave an everlasting effect on both the children and parents. There are some emotionally touching moments too, showcasing purest of emotions. The never to be missed scenes would be that of Mowgli and Shere Khan and another – Raksha bidding goodbye to her ‘Man Cub’. There are no greater and real sentiments than the ones that revolve around little Mowgli – how the animals and the Jungle protect the lost child more than any other human possibly would. There are fun moments too, when the Bandar Log abduct Mowgli and the Kaa the snake casts a hypnotic effect. A real nostalgia for those who were born way before the millennials.

Go watch The Jungle Book if you have kids. Go watch it even if you don’t. For the effect the film leaves is important to the entire of human race!



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