Tamil Film Changing Patterns with Telugu Audience – Remakes Gone Kaput

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Telugu audience has a special affinity for Tamil-dubbed flicks, especially when it comes to big stars and directors of Kollywood. But in the last four years, Kollywood films having popular names hardly made any money at the Telugu box office.

Director Shankar had a huge market here for decades. Right from Gentleman, his films were no less than super hits. On the home ground, his movie Boys, remade in Telugu even surpassed the collections at Tamil Box Office. Such was his following. After Robot, he delivered a mediocre piece of work through Snehitudu (Nanban) and the latest film, I did not meet the expectations either.

Remakes-Gone-Kaput-1024x614 Tamil Film Changing Patterns with Telugu Audience - Remakes Gone Kaput

Needless to say, another set of crazily awaited films from Tamil are Superstar Rajinikanth starrers. But, the recent releases of Thalivar – Kochadiyaan and Lingaa turned out to be utter disasters. Surya, who became immensely popular after Ghajini, did not have a single hit in Telugu post Singham. Vikram too has no decent break since 2006 after Aparichutudu.

As a side-effect, Telugu people over the past few years seem to be attracted to low and medium budget Tamil flicks which are strong in content and out of the box (Read Kho and Pizza). Films like Journey and Raja Rani also have caught the attention, creating demand for more and more content-based films.

We hope the buyers and distributors of Tamil-dubbed films understand the changing pattern of the audience tastes’. An intelligent import of quality films based on content is vital.  Most importantly, making decisions solely on the big names would be a mistake, especially when stakes are high. This will also help those involved in distribution chain to not face any financial losses.



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