SVR – 5 Amazing Things About The Finest Method Actor Of Telugu Cinema

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He was majestic. Every frame that captured his persona simply lit up to a fuller life. S V Ranga Rao, one of the finest method actors we ever had was more than on screen icon. His performances reached out and entered millions of hearts. People could connect with his presence instantly, even if on a TV set.

S V Ranga Rao could be a giant Ghatotkachudu singing ‘Vivaaha Bhojanambu‘ or that adorable Keechakudu who commenced vain flirtations with an uninterested, married Draupadi with subtle appeal and inimitable style. He was also a common man on screen many times, performing and portraying characters that were real to life to the point of connect. 

SVR2 SVR - 5 Amazing Things About The Finest Method Actor Of Telugu Cinema

Remembering SVR, the Viswa Nata Chakravarthi who gave us outstanding renditions on Telugu film screen that became immortal forever.

Here are Five Amazing Things About SVR Garu, that make him a stand out, both as a film star as well as an individual off the grease paint.

Sheer Method Acting

In the era of perfectionists who delivered impeccable lengthy dialogues and reigned the screen with tough competition in between peers, SVR stuck to his unique method acting.

SVR was never appalled with the success of the other legends in the block, like NTR and ANR. He acted side by side with them, giving cut apart delivery in terms of acting and dialogue. Classics like Maya Bazaar and Gundamma Katha prove the fact this acting legend believed in working on his own image setting in the industry.

Magnanimous Persona

SVR3 SVR - 5 Amazing Things About The Finest Method Actor Of Telugu Cinema

SVR carried off an amazing persona. Those who saw it on screen or in real life vouched for it those times. Most of us who grew up watching him in various shades would never forget his zing. He would play this simple role of a Zamindar or a farmer, playing daddy figure to his acting competition, and would still be a stand out. His majestic aura playing the role of Keechaka, Duryodhana and Ravana only shone him in the brightest of dazzle.

Amazing Balance of Characters

SVR Garu was unfazed. It looked as if nothing really affected his momentum, market or his choice of roles. That precisely explains his wonderful balance of roles in the films. He was never desperate to play the lead and take away the glory. He would play only those characters that were important, had relevance and added value to the plot of the movie. His many characters in family dramas enhanced the household image of Telugu families, touching hearts.

Insanely Modest Personality

SVR4 SVR - 5 Amazing Things About The Finest Method Actor Of Telugu Cinema

S V Ranga Rao will always remembered as pleasantly humble and down to earth, despite all the fame and following. His modest and down to earth disposition was conspicuously felt even in his characters that were portrayed multiple times on the silver screen. His simple and effective roles in many Telugu movies with family oriented stories came alive because of his very humane touch.

Darling of The Masses

SVR5 SVR - 5 Amazing Things About The Finest Method Actor Of Telugu Cinema

Till day, mention SVR and you will see nothing but a smile on every face that knows and follows his acting. His real to life appeal was strong with the film goers, who saw nothing but brilliance come alive in his acting. For generations, Telugu families continue to watch and enjoy SVR’s charm in their home DVD collections or on satellite TVs. Occasionally, we would utter, “those were the days of talent”.

SVR – the name that we so miss in the Telugu Cinema space. Respect!




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