Sukumar’s Gradual Rejection Shows Real Taste of the Audience

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Sukumar is one of the directors who loves to try out and experiment. Despite sticking to the routine Tollywood films in the past, he had come to a phase where there lays a scope for innovation and upgrade. Evidently, this has not gone down well with the audience over the last few years.

i Sukumar’s Gradual Rejection Shows Real Taste of the Audience

Explaining the scene to Mahesh Babu on the sets of 1 Nenokkadine

The director’s decision to make 1 Nenokkadine, putting prince Mahesh Babu in a ground breaking role turned all heads. There was a certain degree of curiosity right until the film was released. The outcome was as mixed up as it could go with the Telugu market. Simply put, those who understood the style of its making applauded, while the rest were appalled. The gutsy move by the director to move away from the routine and create something above the market seemed to have not gone down very well with the majority of the masses who have got addicted to the routine and void popcorn fare.

nanna Sukumar’s Gradual Rejection Shows Real Taste of the Audience

With NTR Junior

Adding a new tangent to Sukumar’s journey is Nannaku Pramatho, starring Junior NTR. The film that was only released recently gave a new flavour to the star’s personality, winning admiration from the more ‘intellectual’ section. Once again, the majority of the rest who are hung on to unimaginable action sequences and ridiculous punch dialogues complained. The film continues to gather debate and discussion over what could have been a better way to deal with such a plot. While the so called experts continue to doubt and ponder Sukumar’s directorial skills, the director on the other hand deserves a full appreciation for having the guts to break the norms within the industry.

It remains to be seen as to how Sukumar reacts to the reception of his film. Whether he would continue to improvise or get back to making what the audience here ‘really’ wants. All said and done, the fact that movie goers here has been compromised to the ongoing charade of meaningless yet entertaining films is quite ironic. It is better to not even talk about being progressive.



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