Sardaar’s ‘Rattanpur’, a Special Attraction

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Millions of PK fans must be waiting with bated breath to catch a glimpse of their star soon in Sardaar Gabbar Singh. The film has been heavily marketed on the social media, ever since it started filming. The special attraction, of course, going by the look and book is Power Star Pawan Kalyan. No questions there.

However, there is more to Sardaar Gabbar Singh than the  waging ‘power star’ element. Story for one, which is backed by amazing effects. Added to the main list of special attractions is the fictional town that erected just for the film – Rattanpur.

The action happens in Rattanpur, an imaginary town in Madhya Pradesh. Now, we still do not know how Madhya Pradesh comes into the plot and why. All we know is, there is an exciting screenplay waiting to burst on the silver screen soon. Now let’s see, Pawan Kalyan for one, has personally written and overseen the working of the final script.

Rattanpur, easily the main attraction in the film

Why? You may wonder. Telugu films have used expensive budgets and lofty sets before. Take the case of the recent epics, Baahubali and Rudramadevi. However, the genre here is contemporary. The timeline used is current. Then again, Rattanpur is still a stand-out not because of all that. But because of the detailing done with finesse.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh’s Rattanpur – A Trivia

Get ready to be blown after knowing more..

Rattanpur was actually created on a 70 acre spread of land in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

The habitation was specially conceptualised and created by Brahma Kadali, well known art director. The town was done up keeping in mind Pawan’s characterisation and the central story.

The town has been made with a mind blowing cost of 5 Crore rupees, just to get the real factor kicking in.

Rattanpur has a railway line, real bogies, hair salon, general store, petrol bunk, library, post office and a police station, added to the rest!

All the props have been made with plywood, wood and steel.

Rattanpur actually stands out like a real town, if one goes and visits in person. Every element, each piece of detailing and the heights of creativity to make it look so damn real – get ready to pinch yourself when you see Rattanpur on screen soon.



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